Welcome to Tiler Minpins!


Thank you for visiting our site. We are Miniature Pinscher breeders and show enthusiasts located in Southern California and Manila Philippines. We have limited breedings each year to ensure the quality and health of our puppies. We occasionally have puppies available, so please visit out litter page to view updates.

Tiler Minpins is now joined by Mr. Roland Ramos, a long time friend for 30 years and my mentor in the show circuit with his expertise, breeding and showing will be a lot more fun!

Tiler Update! Beginning this year 2021 Mr. Greg Racines Geveso will be joining the team and will be in charge of breeding and showing Tiler Minpins in the Circuit and in the Southern part of the Philippines. 

So just sit back, relax and keep clicking. We hope you like our website!