About Us

TILER MINPINS was established back in 1994 in Manila Philippines for the purpose of breeding and showing Dobermans and Miniature Pinschers. Our minpin foundation bitch was Red Canyon Hi Step “Daisy” from Phl Gr / US Champ White House Tuf’r than the Rest (USA) and Melody Margot (USA). Daisy produced Phil Champ Tiler’s Point within a Circle, Phil Champ Tiler D Master Mason and Tiler’s Mr Demolay.

TILER MINPINS was also home for champion Dobermans Phil Chmp Elektra’s Midnight Star “Tyler”, Phl Grand Chmp Winwards Tyler JR “TJ” and Phl Chmp Kintanar’s Teller V Tiler “Diamos”.

In 2003 I transferred residence to the USA, fell in love and got married to my wonderful wife, Aurelia, who in her own right was also a dog lover. Like two peas in a pod, we both have love and passion for the breed which led us actively to join local and statewide competitions.

Our first “baby” here in the states was from Mary Silfies named “Roxy” Reh Pin Keeps on Rockin. She proved to be a great bitch by producing Tiler’s Red Tail Miya and Tiler’s Red Tail Milo, sired by HOF Shogun’s Mighty Conqueror “Mighty”. Through hard work, perseverance and dedication TILER MINPINS has now produced its first American champion Wannabee Biker Bill “Billy” from Carole and Ken Rerko. And this is just the beginning. Watch us as we produce more.

Tiler Minipins is fortunate to have Roland Ramos and Greg Racines Geveso as a partner who is in charge of our Philippine show activities. They have an uncanny eye in selecting potential champions of the breed, has had extensive experience as an owner/handler and is well known in the dog show circuits in Manila and Mindanao.

TILER MINPINS is also a specialist in handling, documentation and shipping canines from any part of the US to any part in the Philippines. Your precious “babies” are handled by qualified and caring personnel who treat each and everyone with loving care as they were our own.